Ding Dong the Sports Season is Dead.
9:04 p.m. || 2005-02-07

It always makes me a little sad when the sports season ends. Now we have this huge gap in time that I would normally fill with hockey, and instead it'll be filled with nothingness. From January 'til April I just feel like I'm getting screwed for paying for ESPN. It's in that 'next level' package and costs me an extra $15 a month, or something. I love sports. I live and breathe sports... It's unhealthy how much I enjoy it. And now that I'm too old, fat, lazy and uncoordinated to play any more, I'm reduced to watching. Except the sports world is a little bitch. Some asswipe decided it would be funny to punch me in the nuts from the day after the Super Bowl until the baseball season opens in April. Because there are NO SPORTS FOR 2 MONTHS!

I say this in all honesty because baskeball sucks huge donkey dicks. I'd rather have sex with Oprah than watch an NBA game, and I fuckin' hate that bitch. College ball is only slightly better. I'll buy in to the fever of March Madness, but only because it's so huge in Vegas. And because I like to watch grown men cry when North Carolina loses to Gonzaga and they lose $1500 to a mobster named Tino.

So today, I celebrate the end of the 2004-2005 sports year... may she rest in peace.

Sorry for the rage... this too shall pass.


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Ding Dong the Sports Season is Dead. - 2005-02-07
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9:04 p.m. || 2005-02-07


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